From the start, the Lord has always had his people build his church, for the people are the church. Facility, structure, leadership and ministry were all designed to flow out of the faith of the people. 

We, as a young church, have already seen the amazing fruit of our faith. After launching on Easter of 2015, we are already a church of 200 authentic, diverse, Gospel-centered, spirit-filled people meeting at an amazing college campus. Where we are after our first year is nothing short of miraculous. 

But with continued growth comes the question of how we keep building so that we effectively fulfill our vision: To renew a broken people who will renew a broken city through the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  We don’t just want to grow; we want to build intentionally so that our size has purpose.

Our vision compels us to be an inside-out church, where our impact on the city depends entirely on the transformed lives of our people. Genuine testimonies are what will convince a post-Christian culture that Jesus is real; not more slogans or a better stage. To that end, we strongly believe that our greatest investment upfront will be in building a team of pastors and shepherds who can care for the church and facilitate this Gospel transformation

Our goal is to raise $75,000. With 80% going directly towards staffing and the other 20% going into critical operational needs that will help us make West LA College home. 

Your gift will be a critical part of our goal and through it, God will help us build our church and reach our city!

We welcome you to making a pledge and donating to help us Build the House. 


Pastor Dihan


To Donate, please chose one of the options below: 

1. CASH (Sunday) - Please put in envelope and mark as "BUILD THE HOUSE" 

2. CHECK (Sunday)  - Please make out to RENEW CHURCH LA and write "Build the House" in memo line.

3. PAYPAL (Anytime) -  Please click "add special instructions to gift" and write in "Build the House”