Cupcakes & Covenants

It’s humbling to think that a little group of 5 meeting in my living room in Centreville, Virginia is now a launch team of 36 (and growing), occupying a beautiful theater in West Los Angeles. And all this in just 5 months!

Thank you God for bringing us this far! I know 36 is not a big number to some, but it’s a miraculous number to us, having moved coast to coast and being brand new to this area. God is bringing together an amazing family as you can see below.

This is a snapshot of our “Cupcakes & Covenants” moment, where we celebrated the new members of our Launch Team on the first Sunday of 2015 by toasting with cupcakes and signing a covenant to walk together as a unified community.  Not everyone is represented here. As in most Sundays in LA, a good number are on travel. But you can get a good sense of who God is building us up to be.