We believe that being part of Church is much more than attending a Sunday service. God calls the church his “HOUSEHOLD” (Eph. 2:19).

In other words, we’re FAMILY

This means that we are, by sovereign design, called to do this life TOGETHER. We cannot be who we’re called to be, or do what we’re called to do, unless we do it together as the family of God.

Home Groups are our way of living out this command to be FAMILY. Home groups are communities of 8-10 people that meet in homes throughout Los Angeles. In these groups we love, worship, study God’s Word, serve and pray for each other, and actively reach our communities for Christ.

We encourage you to find a Home Group near you and experience Church as it’s supposed to be. 


When: Tuesdays, 7p

Contact: Claris Leaders


Culver city coed 1

When: Every Other Thursday, 7P

Contact: Clinton Buie


Culver city coed 2

When: Thursdays, 730P

Contact: Karina Guzman


Culver city family

When: Wednesdays, 7P; alternating men and women; potluck last Sunday 430P

Contact: Connie & Ted Cho


Culver City Married & family

When: Every Other Saturday, 1030a

Contact: AJ & Michelle Nakphong


Culver city Married

When: Every Other Wednesday, 730P

Contact: Drew & Katie Mason


Culver city men

When: Thursdays, 7P

Contact: Jon McCary


Culver city women

When: Every Other Friday, 7P

Contact: Ritwika Goshal



When: Wednesdays, 7P

Contact: LeAnn Foss


mid-city married & dating

When: Every Other Thursday, 7P

Contact: EJ & Chelsea Oruche


mid-city moms

When: Every Other Tuesday, 10A-12P

Contact: Michelle Keith


mid-city women

When: Every Other Wednesday, 7P

Contact: Katie Gibbs


Palms coed

When: Every Other Tuesday, 730-915P

Contact: Mo Alabi


Palms Coed 30+

When: Thursdays, 7P

Contact: Brian K. Lee


Palms Women

When: Every Other Wednesday, 730P

Contact: Arie Kim


south bay women

When: Thursdays, 730P

Contact: Carolyn Mosely


West LA Men

When: Mondays except last week of month, 7P

Contact: Chris Tang


West LA Women 1

When: Wednesdays, 730P

Contact: Rosie Cárdenas


West LA Women 2

When: Mondays, 7P

Contact: Tina Lee